Know what to do BEFORE help arrives!

We teach CPR to everyone, whether it's just to have the knowledge for friends or family or you need it as a requirement for school or work. Our menu consists of, ACLS, BLS, CPR/AED, First Aid, State of Florida HIV 2 Hour Update and Bloodborne Pathogens. Register for a class today, we'll see you soon!

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Where are our training classes held?

We travel all over the sunny State of Florida and beyond! But more locally held classes are at Experion Medical Academy, Delta Woods Park, Hernando County Health Department, Maxim Healthcare, Fire Depts, hospitals and many others! Check out our calendar for a location near you!

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What other training classes do you offer?

We offer American Heart Association training courses in CPR/AED, BLS, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogens, State of Florida HIV 2 Hour Update, ACLS and more!

Contact us for specific information regarding the class that best suits your needs!

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Learn Hands-Free CPR
in just 3 minutes!

CPR doesn't have to be learned in a classroom and it doesn't have to be intimidating! This short video will provide the basics so that you can be prepared in an emergency! Take a break, press play and learn to save a life today!